Chevy Colorado Snow Plows

There's the wild Colorado that Johnny Cash sang about, and then there's the Chevy Colorado. Both of them might find themselves covered in snow from time to time, but the good thing about the Chevy is you can actually do something about it. When you equip your Colorado with a snow plow from, heavy snowfall and inclement weather are less threatening than a bump in the road.

Chevy Colorado Accessories

At Snow Plows Direct, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. That's why when you order through SPD, you don't just get a great snow plow from the top names in the industry, you also get fast, free shipping and a 12-Month Price Match Guarantee. Plus, our site is so easy to use and full of things like photographs, reviews and FAQs, it'll be a snap for you to find the perfect snow plow for your Chevy Colorado.

"Excellent plow, incredible service. Opened the box and installed it on my Chevy Colorado right away. I'm amazed that a snow plow can be delivered in a day. If Snow Plows Direct will do that, it makes you wonder why other companies won't."
David S., Akron, OH

Can I Plow with a Chevy Colorado?

You may be wondering if mounting a plow to the front of your Chevy Colorado is even possible. The answer is "Absolutely!" The Chevy Colorado is perfectly suited to carrying a plow and moving large amounts of snow. We've compiled a few of the frequently asked questions we receive regarding plowing with the Chevy Colorado:

  • Q: What size of plow do I need for a Chevy Colorado?
  • A: The most important facet of the size is that you find a plow that is wider than your Chevy’s track width, which is 62.4" for a Colorado. Every plow we sell on SPD is at least 80” wide so you're good to go when you shop with us.
  • Q: How do Chevy Colorados typically perform in snow plow applications?
  • A: Very well. With a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of over 2500 pounds, you know your Colorado can handle the extra weight upfront. With a StabiliTrak stability control system as well as standard traction control, this truck can handle terrain of all kinds.
  • Q: How do I install a snow plow on a Colorado?
  • A: Depending on which snow plow you end up getting, you’ll either bolt it directly to your Chevy’s frame via custom brackets, or install it on a front mounting hitch so you can take it on and off with ease.