Personal Snow Plows

You owe it yourself to find a better way to remove snow from your property. Our selection of personal plows attach to your truck and cut through even the deepest piles of powder. Plus, personal plows are a better investment than snow blowers - they clear snow faster and can be used to clear your surrounding neighborhood with ease. 

Freshly fallen snow sure looks nice but that doesn't make it any less of a chore to move. Shoveling by hand is sweaty, time-intensive, and unfortunately life threatening due to its extreme difficulty combined with cold air. A personal snow plow let's you spend your time and energy in better ways - like doing anything besides shoveling snow.


If you already love your truck for its utility, you'll fall in love all over again when you equip it with one of our personal plows. Our plows attach easily to to the front of your rig and make short work of heavy accumulation. They can even be used to push gravel and dirt during the summer, making them a great tool year-round. With this power comes great responsibility, though: you may be asked to dig out your neighbor's driveway next time a blizzard hits.



Snow Plows Direct offers free shipping on all plows and everything else we sell. Unlike other sites, we don't require a minimum order size to qualify for free shipping. When we say everything, we mean it.


That's right, don't let yourself think of personal plows as being only for personal use. While you wouldn't want to plow your entire neighborhood with one, you could easily find yourself clearing your entire cul de sac, or making sure your small business has a functioning parking lot. Plus, personal grade plows will fit on essentially any truck or SUV - so you won't have to find a dedicated truck or pay for costly modifications.


Below are the best of the best in the personal snow plow industry. At Snow Plows Direct, we only deal with the most trusted brand names on the market, and we populate every plow page with high-resolution photos, videos, real-world customer reviews, and a complete list of what you'll find in the box of your selected plow system.