Chevy Equinox Snow Plows

The Autumn Equinox can only mean only one thing – winter is coming. But the Chevy Equinox means something else – the snow doesn’t stand a chance! When you outfit your Chevy Equinox with a snow plow from Snow Plows Direct, you can say goodbye to getting snowed in or stranded. You’ll be able to slice through mounds of snow with ease and the peace of mind that you found the best deal online!

Meyer Home Plow

Meyer Home Plow

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At Snow Plows Direct, we’re known for offering only the best Chevy Equinox snow plows. If you want a lightweight plow for home use, or something with hydraulics and a wireless remote that you can use to plow your small business, we’ve got it here. We’ll ship any plow you choose right to your door and we’ll back up our low prices with a 1-Year Price Match Guarantee. Not only that, but the shipping is always free!

"Great plow, and great customer service! I got it on my Chevy Equinox the day it arrived because we had a snow rolling in that night. Snow Plows Direct got it to my house in one day, so yeah, I’m pretty happy with them.”"
David C., Billing, MT

Can I Plow with a Chevy Equinox?

A lot of people who end up ordering a snow plow from us first come to us asking if they can even install a snow plow on their Chevy Equinox. Yes you can! We’ve seen it done again and again. In fact, the Chevy Equinox is one of the best SUVs on the market for snow plow applications. Here are some of the next questions we usually get from Equinox drivers:

  • Q: What size of plow should I order for my Chevy Equinox?
  • A: Anything you want! Your plow needs to be wider than your track width and for your Equinox that’s 62.2". The most narrow plow we offer is still 80", so anything you see here will work.
  • Q: How does an Equinox handle with a snow plow?
  • A: Surprisingly well! The Chevrolet frame and suspension system is great with the extra weight. If you can add some bags of rock salt or ice melt to your cargo area, that will further stabilize your SUV.
  • Q: How do I install a snow plow on my Equinox?
  • A: It depends on the plow, but typically you’ll need to install a front mount receiver hitch first. Then, the plow (which may have castors for ease of use) can be placed and removed and just minutes.