DK2 Snow Plow Electric Actuator

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  • Our Price: $749
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  • Get your DK2 back into fighting shape with the DK2 Snow Plow Electric Actuator
  • Metal chain lift – much stronger than nylon winch straps
  • Over-extension is prevented by internal clutch
  • Lower amperage for a longer lifetime
  • Wireless remote control
  • 1-Year Warranty

If you’re snow plow isn’t raising or lowering, a lot of people might say it’s decommissioned. Not us, though. At Snow Plows Direct we realize that if you have a DK2, you can replace the raising mechanism easily and efficiently. All you need is the heavy-duty DK2 Snow Plow Electric Actuator.

With a tough chain lift, your DK2 Snow Plow Electric Actuator is stronger than the DK2 winch and its nylon winch strap. A lower amperage draw means the lifespan of the actuator is usally much longer than that of a winch. And because of its simplicity, the actuator is actually much stronger than a winch and its operation is smoother.

A fully-sealed product design means it can tackle snow and salt without comprising its inner-electronics. Plus, your actuator includes a wireless remote control that you can use comfortably while inside of your vehicle. IP 67 rated and backed by a 1-Year Warranty.

  • Actuator
  • Hardware
  • Wireless Remote

1-Year Warranty.