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Your Dodge Dakota can get you through a lot of tough terrain, so why allow yourself to be slowed down every winter when it snows? Turning your Ram Dakota into a snow eating machine is simple on, just log on and start browsing our wide selection of snow plows and accessories. Feel free to live chat with a snow plow specialist, or pick up the phone and give us a call.

"Never shoveling snow again! What used to take an hour and a half now takes a couple of minutes. Snow Plows Direct was great to work with, and my plow is heavy-duty and durable. The plow is easy to remove and can sit in my shed during the summer."
Rob T., Fort Collins, CO

Can I Plow with a Dodge Dakota?

Is it possible to mount a plow to the front of a Dodge Dakota? This is a common question for Dodge Dakota owners who are looking for a way to clear their driveways and streets this winter. The answer is "Yes!" The Dakota is perfectly capable of carrying a plow and moving large amounts of snow. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions we receive regarding the Dodge Dakota and plowing:

  • Q: How wide should a plow be for a Dakota?
  • A: The key to finding a plow that works with any vehicle is to ensure it is wider than the track width of your vehicle. A Dakota measures in at 62.8”, and luckily every plow on SPD is at least 80” wide, so take your pick.
  • Q: Will a Dakota handle well with the added weight of a snow plow?
  • A: As the best-in-class towing truck, absolutely. 4WD and 302 horsepower ensure that your Dakota will push mountains of snow without breaking a sweat.
  • Q: Where will the plow be installed?
  • A: That depends on what type of plow you choose. Some plows attach via custom brackets to the pre-drilled holes in your frame. While, more commonly, the plow connects to a front mounting hitch – this style allows you to remove your plow in minutes.