Dodge Durango Snow Plows

The Dodge Durango is a serious truck, and it was designed to be put to work. Equipping your Durango with a snow plow will really bring out the beast inside. At you find a wide selection of plows that will fit your dodge, with pictures, reviews and even a hotline with product specialists, you'll have everything you need to get a snow plow sent to your door.

Dodge Durango Accessories

Sometimes when the snow starts falling it just never wants to stop. In those times you have basically two options - be trapped inside and wait till it melts, or throw the snow plow on your Durango, and be out for a hot chocolate run. At SPD, every order includes a 12-Month Price Match Guarantee, so you can order your brand new snow plow in confidence.

"I love the plow on my Dodge Durango. I was a little reluctant because I was afraid of how all the extra weight up front would feel, but the suspension seems to be doing its job so far. When I'm not using it I just take it off the hitch and leave it in the garage. I would recommend Snow Plows Direct."
Tyler D., Providence, RI

Can I Plow with a Dodge Durango?

Some people wonder if mounting a plow to the front of their Dodge Durango is even possible. The answer is "Yes!" The Dodge Durango is perfectly suited for carrying a plow and moving snow from one place to another. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions we receive regarding the Dodge Durango and plowing:

  • Q: What size of plow do I need for a Dodge Durango?
  • A: The golden rule of snow plows is that you need a plow that is wider than your vehicle’s track width. On a Dodge Durango that would be 63.9", and lucky for you every plow on our site is at least 80” wide so you're made in the shade.
  • Q:What will the installation process be like?
  • A: Snow plows come in two major installation styles. Some include custom brackets that bolt right onto the existing holes in your Durango’s frame. However most of them include a front mounting hitch, which allows you to take your plow on and off very easily.
  • Q: Do Durangos handle well with a snow plow attached?
  • A: They certainly do. Dodge’s award-winning V6 engine or V8 is capable of towing 6,200 – 7,400 lbs. respectively. That’s some serious power just begging to be directed into the snow. With the Durango’s world-class suspension and unibody structure built with ultra-high-strength steel, you’ll be able to tackle all kinds of terrain.