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When the snow starts falling like snow leopards and sled dogs, you never need to worry when you have the one, two punch of a snow plow and a GMC Canyon. At Snow Plows Direct we offer all the top name-brand plows and we guarantee you the lowest price. How? We’ll honor a price match guarantee not just at the time of purchase but for a full year after your order. Plus, we’ll pick up the bill on freight shipping right to your door!

The GMC Canyon can handle some of the worst of all snow storms with the right plow mounted on the front-end. At SPD our plow experts are in every day to answer any question you might have about snow plows or GMC Canyons. Our agents can do everything from help you place your order to help you track your shipment. In fact, if you find yourself needing to call in a manufacturer’s warranty, we’ll be here by phone or live chat to help you with that too!

“My Canyon is not my daily driver, but it ran so well with a snow plow this year I might drive it all winter next time around.”
Paul F., Evanston, IL

Can I Plow with a GMC Canyon?

Of course you can! A GMC Canyon is one of the best trucks on the GMC fleet to add a plow to. We understand you have questions, but believe us: we’ve heard them! In fact, we thought it might be worthwhile to put together the most frequently asked questions we receive:

  • Q: Where does a plow mount on a Canyon?
  • A: For most models, right on front either with a separate front-mount receiver or with a custom mounting system provided with the plow.
  • Q: How does a GMC drive with a plow on front?
  • A: Very well. Your Canyon was designed to carry heavy loads so you’ll be pleasantly surprised with its snow plow handling.
  • Q: No matter the truck, the plow will need to be wider than the track width. For your Canyon that’s 62.4". We don’t sell a plow that’s not at least 80" wide, so you’re set.