Honda CR-V Snow Plows

The Honda CR-V is one of the most popular CUV or SUV on the market, making it also one of the most popular CUVs or SUVs to plow with. When it comes to your Honda, we’ve got all the top-rated snow plows that will fit it here on Snow Plows Direct. Got questions? We’ve got agents standing by via phone or live chat every day to help you with your shopping experience.

Honda CR-V Accessories

When you find the perfect plow for your Honda CR-V, there’s no need to shop around. We guarantee you’ve already found the lowest price around with our 1-Year Price Match Guarantee. If you see a better price tomorrow, or this time of year next year, we’ll match it and beat it by a dollar. Not only that, but we’ll pay for the freight shipping on your snow plow so you don’t have to worry about pricing delivery companies.

We only work with the top name brand snow gear companies, so anything you see here you can trust. We have plows made from heavy-duty materials, lightweight materials, and designed for personal or commercial use. Whether you work with a municipality, you’re a business owner, or simply a homeowner, we have the right plow for you here. So take a look around and don’t hesitate to ask if there’s anything we can do to help.

“I have a CR-V because we have a full house. I have a snow plow because we have a long driveway. The two together is a match made in heaven!”
Tony N., Dickinson, ND

Can I Plow with a Honda CR-V?

Yes, you can! Sure, it’s a practical, economical family car, but that doesn’t mean you can’t secure a snow plow to the front end. Of course, we get this question a lot and many others. We decided to take the time to put together some of our most frequently asked questions in regards to the Honda CR-V:

  • Q: How is a plow installed on a Honda CR-V?
  • A: It really depends on the model but many of them require that you have a front-mount receiver hitch installed on your Honda, or you order one along with your plow.
  • Q: Can a CR-V handle the weight of a plow?
  • A: It sure can, yes. Though your handling might take a hit. If you can, fill up your cargo space with bags of salt or ice-melt to work as a counter weight.
  • Q: What size of plow should I get for a Honda CR-V?
  • A: With any vehicle, the rule is to make sure your plow is wider than your track width. For your CR-V, that’s just 63.7" at its widest point. Since all of our plows are at least 80" wide, you can take your pick of the litter.