Honda Ridgeline Snow Plows

The Honda Ridgeline is a tough truck meant to get the job done no matter the weather. Yet if the snow falls hard enough, that may not be an option - unless you equip your Ridgeline with a heavy-duty snow plow from When you order a plow from SPD, you'll receive fast, free shipping, a 12-Month Price Match Guarantee, and award-winning customer service.

Honda Ridgeline Accessories

If you're thinking of upgrading your Honda Ridgeline with a snow plow, you've come to the right place. At Snow Plows Direct we have a large variety of snow plows that will turn your Ridgeline into a snow-breathing dragon. With product reviews and hi-res images on each plow, you'll be able to make an informed decision on which plow you want shipped to your door fast and free.

"The plow is great for my Honda Ridgeline. It came with a front mount hitch so I can put the plow on when I need it, and leave it in the garage when I don't. It came via freight much faster than I expected, especially from a free shipping deal. If you're looking for a plow, Snow Plows Direct is a good place to be."
Tony P., Ann Arbor, MI

Can I Plow with a Honda Ridgeline?

Is it possible to mount a plow to the front of a Honda Ridgeline? In short, the answer is "Absolutely!" The Honda Ridgeline is perfectly capable of carrying a plow and handling the tough job of removing large amounts of snow. Here are a few common questions regarding snow plows and the Honda Ridgeline:

  • Q: What size of snow plow do I need for a Honda Ridgeline?
  • A: The rule of snow plows is easy, you just need to get one that’s longer than you’re track width. 67.1" is the width of your Ridgeline, and lucky for you all of the plows we carry are at least 80” wide, so you’re in good shape.
  • Q: How do I install a snow plow?
  • A: There are basically two options, depending on which you pick. Most plows come with a front mounting hitch which allows you to remove and reattach your plow quickly and easily. Some plows come with custom brackets instead, which attach to the existing holes in your Ridgeline’s frame.
  • Q: What kind of handling can I expect when plowing with a Honda Ridgeline?
  • A: Expect to be impressed. A high-output V6 engine produces 250 horsepower’s worth of snow pushing power. The VTM-4 system allows you to manually lock your rear differential, and keep it that way up to 18MPH – this feature is specifically designed for low traction situations and makes your Ridgeline a snow plowing champion.