Jeep Cherokee Snow Plows

Your Jeep Cherokee was designed to handle anything life throws at it, so why would you cower in fear when the snow hits each winter? When you equip your Jeep with a lightweight and durable snow plow from, you are truly the master of winter weather - nothing will be able to keep you down. At Snow Plows Direct, we carry a variety of plows for you Cherokee, all of them with low, low prices and free shipping.

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At Snow Plows Direct, we put a lot of thought into making a fast, informative, and easy to use site that takes all the confusion out of snow plow shopping. Photos, ratings, reviews, FAQs and more, are all at your fingertips at SPD. Best of all, our 12-Month Price Match Guarantee and unmatched customer service ensure that your purchase is stress-free.

"This plow seems to be very durable and fits my Jeep Cherokee tight and secure. It will definitely save me money in the long run. My plow was missing some hardware but Snow Plows Direct helped contact the manufacturer and had the components sent over fast. Thanks."
Mathew P., Toledo, OH

Can I Plow with a Jeep Cherokee?

Some wonder if it is possible to mount a plow to the front of a Jeep Cherokee. In short, the correct answer is "Yes, you can!" The Jeep Cherokee is perfectly suited to carry a plow and handle the tough job of snow removal. We've compiled a few common questions regarding snow plows and the Jeep Cherokee:

  • Q: What size of plow would you recommend for a Jeep Cherokee?
  • A: The most important thing you should be looking for in your plow is one that is wider than your Jeep’s track width, which would be 62.2, so you should be looking for something about 65” or longer, and all of our plows are at least 80" wide, so you're in good shape.
  • Q: How will I go about installing my plow?
  • A: Depending on which model of plow you decide on, you’ll either install it with custom brackets that attach to your Cherokee frame’s factory installed holes, or you might choose a plow that uses a front mounting hitch for easy plow removal.
  • Q: How do Jeep Cherokees hold up with a snow plow attached?
  • A: Cherokees tend to hold their own with a plow incredibly well. Jeeps are designed to work hard and traverse all kinds of terrain, pure and simple. You’ve got the power to push, four-wheel dirve, and a 160-amp alternator that will keep everything going strong.