DK2 Snow Plow Accessories

5322 M Univ.
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Product Details

  • Outfit your K2 Snow Plow with our accessories for extra safety and utility
  • Light Kit provides additional forward lights for extra visibility at night or during snow storms
  • Wireless Winch Remote allows for winch usage from inside the warmth of your cab
  • Installs easily to your K2 Plow system

Your K2 Plow is a snow-clearing machine to be sure, but with the addition of our K2 accessories, you can complete your plow's transformation into a bulwark against winter's assaults.

The K2 Light Kit equips your plow with additional forward-facing lights that'll maximize your visibility at night or during particularly nasty winter weather. If you plan on taking your plow around the neighborhood, the added safety that comes with improved visibility makes this kit a must-have. Additionally, the Wireless Winch remote kit is perfect if you're sick of driving around with your window open. The remote lets you adjust your plow from the comfort of your cab, free from chilling wind and snow.

Both accessories are designed specifically for your K2 plow for a frustration-free installation.

Are these accessories universal?

No, they are designed specifically for K2 plows. 

Box contents varies on accessory. 

K2 Light Kit features a 1-Year Warranty.