Meyer Home Plow Accessories

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  • List Price: $139 - $499
  • Our Price: $90 - $336
  • Shipping: FREE
  • Choose from the following accessory kits for your Meyer Home Plow:
    • Rubber Cutting Edge Kit: reversible and rugged rubber edge for your plow
    • Urethane Cutting Edge Kit: strong as steel, quiet as rubber
    • Rubber Deflector Kit: keeps snow off your hood and windshield
    • Snow Skid Kit: adjust the scraping height of plow’s cutting edge
    • Drop/Rise adapters: for vehicles too tall or short for a 10" - 13" distance from receiver hitch to ground
  • Kits ship ready to install with required mounting hardware and pre-drilled holes
  • 1-Year Warranty

The Meyer Home Plow is perfect for clearing driveways and parking lots but the right accessories can better equip your plow for your specific needs. Our selection of plow accessory kits are designed to work flawlessly with your Meyer plow and come with mounting hardware for an easy installation.

If the scraping volume of your plow is too loud, the Urethane Cutting Edge kit gives your blade an edge that’s as strong as steel but much quieter on pavement. If you want to be extra careful not to scuff your driveway, the Rubber Cutting Edge is guaranteed to clear snow without hurting the pavement underneath.

Both edge kits can be used in conjunction with our Snow Skit Kit, which lets you adjust the scraping height of the blade’s cutting edge for maximum effectiveness. We even sell a Rubber Deflector Kit that will keep snow from rolling off your plow onto your windshield.

Your Meyer Home plow needs to have a distance of between 10" and 13" between your receiver hitch and the ground. If your truck or SUV it too tall or too short, a drop/rise adapter will be exactly what you need.