Chevy Silverado Snow Plows

Hi ho silver - High Snow Silverado! Don't let the winter weather get between you and your Chevy Silverado. Be the master of the winter when you hook your Chevrolet up with a hard-working snow plow from Pictures, reviews and unbeatable prices will ensure that you end up with the snow plow of your dreams, so you and your Silverado can tackle this winter head-on.

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The Chevy Silverado is a beast of a truck, but why stop there? When you pick up a snow plow for your Chevy Silverado, you'll be asking yourself why you hadn't taken the plunge years before, the polar plunge that is. At we take all the guesswork out of the snow plow shopping experience, giving you Award-Winning Customer Service and 100% Free Shipping.

You'll love the ease and convenience of plowing your driveway clean in just a few simple pushes. And your kids will love the awesome snow piles it will stack up - fort-tastic! Never again will you need to spend hours tearing up your back with a shovel outside in the cold - with a plow you show the snow who's boss, all in the comfort of your heated cab.

"I looked around and Snow Plows Direct seemed to have the bests price available on the plow I wanted for my Chevy Silverado. The plow came soon after and it looks great. It seems to be constructed very well, I suppose time will tell on durability, but I'm not worried about it."
Chuck F., Pittsburgh, PA

Can I Plow with a Chevy Silverado?

Many people wonder if mounting a plow to the front of their Chevy Silverado is even possible. In short, the answer is "Absolutely!" The Chevy Silverado is a popular vehicle for snow plow applications and is more than capable of carrying a plow and moving some serious snow. We've put together a few of the questions we seem to hear quite a bit about the Chevy Silverado and plowing:

  • Q: Will I need to modify my suspension to handle the extra weight?
  • A: No. Your Silverado is built to handle it, no matter if it’s a 3500, 2500 or 1500. You can expect about a half inch drop in suspension when the plow is on and up.
  • Q: What size should I be looking for?
  • A: You always want your plow to be wider than your track width, which for a Silverado would be about 68.7" - 68.9". At Snow Plows Direct, we only carry plows that are 80" or wider, so you're all set.
  • Q: How is the plow installed?
  • A: In general there are two styles you can choose from, one that connect with custom brackets to the pre-existing holes in your Silverado’s frame. Or, the more common style would involve a front mounting hitch that allows the plow to be easily removed.

What are the Best Snow Plows for a Chevy Silverado?

Silverado drivers are lucky when it comes to snow plows, this sturdy Chevrolet can plow with just about any personal snow plow. Still, many Chevy Silverado owners want to know what is the absolute best for their particular set-up, so we looked at years of sales data and customer reviews to bring you the Top 3 Chevy Silverado Snow Plows:

  1. Best Snow Plows for Chevy Silverado The SnowSport HD Snow Plow: This lightweight snow plow is easy to install, easy to handle, and best of all: easy to operate. It won’t weigh down your Silverado and you won’t need to bother with complicated wiring or hydraulics.
  2. Best Snow Plows for Chevy Silverado The Meyer Home Plow: The Meyer Home Plow is an industry standard and comes available in three different models. Plus, as long as you’re sporting a 2” front receiver hitch on your Silverado, this plow will install with no tool needed, and is fully operated from the comfort of your cab.
  3. Best Snow Plows for Chevy Silverado The DK2 Snow Plow: The DK2 Snow Plow is made in Canada where they know a thing or two about snow and snow removal. This fully-wired plow will turn your Chevy into a snow clearing beast with a 3-position, rotatable blade.