Meyer Home Plow

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  • Fully automated design lets you control the plow from the comfort of your cab
  • Installs easily to 2" front receiver hitch - no tools needed!
  • Durable, all-steel construction
  • Available in 3 models:
    • HomePlow Basic
    • Pre-Assembled HomePlow
    • Full-Powered HomePlow
  • 1-Year Warranty

Transform your truck or SUV into a snow-clearing beast with the Meyer Home Plow. Thanks to the plow's Quick-Link mounting hardware, you'll have this plow out of the box and onto your truck pushing snow in no time.

The Meyer Home Plow comes in three styles: HomePlow Basic, Pre-Assembled HomePlow, and Full-Powered HomePlow. Meyer's Auto Angle technology self-adjusts to push built-up snow to the side and the blade's vertical positioning can be adjusted via the wireless key fob controller. The HomePlow Basic arrives with some assembly required. This basic model comes with your choice of manual or electric lift control. The Pre-Assembled Home Plow can be customized to include the electric control, or the even stronger Hydraulic controls in both wireless or hardwired varieties. Lastly, the Full-Powered HomePlow functions more like a commercial plow: the hydraulic lift allows the driver to adjust the blade up and down, as well as side-to-side. All models feature the same rugged, all-steel construction and require a 2" receiver hitch.

The Meyer Home Plow's 14-gauge steel is coated with a Dura Slick powder-coat that prevents rust and corrosion. All Meyer Hydraulic systems are sealed and protected from the elements. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.

What's the difference between each of the models?

The Meyer Home Plow comes in 3 styles: HomePlow Basic, Pre-Assembled HomePlow, and the Full-Powered HomePlow.

  • The HomePlow basic arrive unassembled, and with your choice of manual or electric controls. Its auto-angling blade is engineered to automatically find the best position by reacting to snow resistance.
  • The Pre-Assembled HomePlow features the same self-adjusting technology and is powered by your choice of electric lift, or the more powerful hydraulic lift. Features a 6'8" blade and comes with wired or wireless controllers.
  • The Full-Powered HomePlow operates similarly to a commercial plow. The hydraulic lift controls up and down motion as well as side-to-side movement via the wired controller. This model comes in two plow widths: 6'8" or 7'5".
  • Blade
  • Lift Frame
  • Hydraulic or Electric Assembly
  • Mounting Hardware
  • 2 Plow Markers

The Meyer Home Plow features a 1-Year Warranty. 

Meyer Home Plow Customer Reviews

Mark A from Monroe, WI, who drives a Toyota Tundra.


30 to 60 minutes

my property has a long driveway (250 ft) and snow has always been a problem. the whole thing is easy to put on and take off for easy storage between seasons. this plow has cleared my long driveway easily. auto angling is neat stuff.

Charles F from Minneapolis, MN, who drives a Dodge Durango.


1 to 2 hours

Great value for good price. Shipping was impressive...really fast. Hitch/wiring installation was easy enough. We've had a really bad winter here and already used the plow several times, big time saver.

Jeff F from Mt. Pleasant, UT, who drives a GMC Sierra Pickup.


2 hours or more

It was a little more work putting the snow plow together by myself than I expected, but I managed it alright. My plow was missing two nuts which I had to supply myself, but other than that it went together smoothly. It seems like a great system. Well constructed, and designed well for a plow for home use. Haven't used it since it hasn't snowed yet, but I'm looking for forward to the first snow.