Ford F-350 Snow Plows

Finding a snow plow for a Ford F350 can be hard, but not once you've found! Our site stays stocked in the highest-quality plows from the most trusted names in the industry. Your Ford F350 will be a snow shoveling monster - all you need to do is find the one you want, and our Free Shipping and Award-Winning Customer Service will take care of the rest.

Ford F350 Accessories

The fact is you didn't buy a Ford F350 without any intention of doing some hard work in it. So why wouldn't you want to bring it to it's full potential by equipping a snow plow from Snow Plows Direct? A brand new snow plow unleashes the beast within your Ford F350 - turning it into a veritable Abominable Snowman. And the best part is, every order includes Free Shipping and a 12-Month Price Match Guarantee.

"I've always wanted to get a snow plow for my Super Duty and it turned I'm pretty happy with the plow. Snow Plows Direct was great to work with and it shipped promptly via truck freight. My kids think it's fun to sit passenger and watch it work. The Firstrax can really push some snow!"
John A., Milwaukee, WI

Can I Plow with a Ford F350?

Is it possible to mount a plow to the front of a Ford F350? Yes, absolutely! The Ford F350 is a hard-working vehicle that is well-suited to carrying a plow and removing large amounts of snow from driveways, streets, and parking lots. We've collected a few frequently asked questions about the Ford F350 and plowing:

  • Q: What size of plow would you recommend?
  • A: The number one thing you should be looking for in a plow is one that's wider than your track width. For your Ford F350 that is 68.3", and up to 74.7” in the rear if you have dually wheels, so you should be looking for something about 70” to 75" or longer, and all of our plows are at least 80" wide so you're in good shape.
  • Q: How will I install my plow?
  • A: Depending on which model of plow you end up with, you will either install it via custom brackets that attach to your frame’s factory installed holes, or you might choose a plow that incorporates a front mounting hitch for easy plow removal.
  • Q: How do F350s hold up with a snow plow attached?
  • A: Ford F350s tend to hold their own with a plow incredibly well. With a powerful V8 engine and a 157-357 amp alternator, this truck is definitely up to the task. With sway and stability control, and a front stabilizer bar, even curved and uneven surfaces are no match for this truck.

What are the Best Snow Plows for a Ford F250?

p>There's some benefits with getting a a truck that's as beefy and powerful as a Ford F350. With an F350 you can do just about anything! Whether that means carrying tons of cargo or pushing mounds of snow, this Ford truck can do it. After looking at years of customer reviews, we bring you the Top 3 Ford F350 Snow Plows:

  1. Best Snow Plows for Ford F350 The DK2 Avalanche Snow Plow: For avalanche level snowfall you need the DK2 Avalanche Snow Plow. With a 3,000 lbs. winch control and a heavy-duty electric actuator, this is truly a snow plow worthy of the Ford F350. This solid steel plow is finished in a black powder coat to resist corrosion.
  2. Best Snow Plows for Ford F350 The Meyer Home Plow: The Meyer Home Plow is one of the most iconic personal-use snow plows on the market. Available in three models, the Basic, the HomePlow, and the Full-Powered HomePlow, you're sure to find an option that will work for you and your needs.
  3. Best Snow Plows for Ford F350 The SnowBear Snow Plow: One of the great benefits of the SnowBear Snow Plow, aside from it's incredible strength, is that it's easy to install. The wiring connects directly to your Ford F350's battery, so you won't have to worry about complicated electric wiring.