Honda Pilot Snow Plows

Just as a pilot soars through the blankets of cloud cover, you and your Honda Pilot can soar through the blankets of snow each winter when you install a snow plow from Having a snow plow on the front of your Pilot is a real game changer, giving you the ability to clear your driveway in a matter of minutes, all from the comfort of your heated Honda - you could wear a bathing suit for all we care, but you might get some strange looks from the neighbors.

Honda Pilot Accessories

When you hook your Honda Pilot up with a snow plow you get to look winter in the face and grin. And when you go through Snow Plows Direct, you receive fast, free shipping, a 12-Month Price Match Guarantee and unrivaled customer support. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, so we stand by our customer service, and our simple to use interface. At SPD, we take all the stress out of snow plow shopping.

"Perfect plow for what I needed. My drive is a half mile long so I put this on my Honda Pilot and off I went. It has worked great so far. Fairly easy to install even easier to operate. Thanks, Snow Plows Direct."
Seth G., Ann Arbor, MI

Can I Plow with a Honda Pilot?

Some may wonder if mounting a plow to the front of their Honda Pilot is even possible. The answer is "Yes!" The Honda Pilot is perfectly capable of carrying a plow and removing any snow that needs to be moved. For your convenience, we have collected a few of the frequently asked questions we receive regarding the Honda Pilot and plowing:

  • Q: How do Honda Pilots handle after the addition of a snow plow?
  • A: Great! The Pilot’s All-Wheel Drive and Intelligent Traction Management, your Honda is designed to handle snowy conditions – this feature is like a dream come true for plowing. Its powerful V6 direct-injected engine provides brisk acceleration, and all the power you need to push big mounds of snow.
  • Q: What size of snow plow should I get for a Honda Pilot?
  • A: The important thing to make sure of is that your snow plow is wider than your Honda’s track width. Your Pilot measures in at 66.3" and luckily, every single plow you’ll see on Snow Plows Direct is at least 80” wide, so you’re in good hands.
  • Q: How will I install the snow plow on my Pilot?
  • A: Some plows are designed to bolt directly on to your Honda’s frame with custom mounting brackets, while others attach to a front mounting hitch, providing you with the ability to quickly remove and reinstall your plow.