How to De-Ice Your Driveway: 4 Ridiculously Easy Steps

How to De-Ice Your Driveway: 4 Ridiculously Easy Steps

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    1. 1. Plow or Shovel Your Driveway
    2. 2.Spread Your Salt or De-Icer
    3. 3. Shovel and Sweep
    4. 4. Enjoy!

Snow on your driveway is one thing, but ice can be even worse. It’s hard, difficult to remove, and since it’s so slippery it can pose a real hazard to your health and safety. Driving a vehicle, like a Ford Ranger or Toyota Tundra, up and down an icy driveway can rank anywhere between dangerous to downright impossible. Luckily, there are a handful of techniques that can rid your driveway of ice quickly, easily, and efficiently.

In fact, all you have to do is follow our Four Ridiculously Easy Steps to enjoy an ice-free driveway all winter long!


Step 1: Plow or Shovel the Driveway

The first step to de-icing your driveway is de-snowing your driveway! A good once over with your snow plow or snow shovel can clear the loose particles off the top, and can even break up large chunks of ice. With a snow shovel, you can smack the ground a few times to crack and weaken the ice. And if your snow plow features a steel cutting edge you can push a surprising amount of ice into your snow pile.


Step 2: Spread Your Salt or De-Icer

Traditional rock salt, calcium chloride, or some other type of ice melter should always be stocked in your garage. With a few exceptions (such as potassium chloride only working when the temperature is above 17 degrees Fahrenheit) all of these products will work about the same. Just be sure to spread them in an even layer, and keep the dog from licking any of it up! A salt-spreader can be a valuable tool for spreading salt or de-icer evenly.

To say “pick your poison” might be taking it too far, but these agents will be poisonous to your grass and plants. Try to keep them off of the vegetation, and while you’re at it try to keep them off of your skin. Wear gloves if necessary and remember – these compounds can also be harmful to your concrete if the driveway is less than a year old.

Step 3: Shovel and Sweep

The thinner areas will likely turn to saltwater and dribble down towards the drain, but larger chunks of ice are liable to remain present, but in smaller, more manageable pieces. Now’s the time to sweep these pieces aside with a push broom, or again, with your trusty shovel.

If your snow for sweeping the driveway quickly and quietly. Just drop your plow blade, and brush the ice off the driveway.

Step 4: Enjoy!

It’s really that simple! Now you can sit back and enjoy a job well done.


And be careful while you use the snow shovel. It’s a grueling job, and this exertion combined with the cold air can trigger potentially fatal cardiac arrest. Take it easy, try not to overexert yourself. After all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you are in the market for a snow plow this season, be sure to check out our list of the best snow plows.