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Don't spend another winter at the mercy of old man winter. Upgrade your Toyota Tacoma with a durable, heavy-duty snowplow from At SPD, all of our plows come from the most trusted brands, and are constructed from durable material that will last winter after winter. If you'd like to bring your Tacoma to the next level, look no further, and remember every order includes 100% Free Shipping.

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At Snow Plows Direct, we only carry the most rugged of snow plows for your Toyota Tacoma. With real customer reviews and high resolution images of all our products, it's easy to find the perfect plow for your Toyota. At SPD every order is backed by a 12-Month Price Match Guarantee, and with award-winning customer service and fast, free shipping, it's clear you're in the right place for you and your Tacoma.

"I was eager to get a plow in and on my Toyota Tacoma, luckily the shipping was surprisingly fast (and free, that didn't hurt.) Install took quite a bit longer than I expected, I would recommend at least two people. It works great and seems like it'll last. Thanks SPD."
Lance G., Cleveland, OH

Can I Plow with a Toyota Tacoma?

This winter you may be wondering if it's possible to mount a plow on your Toyota Tacoma. The answer is a resounding "Yes!" The Toyota Tacoma is a popular vehicle that is perfectly capable of carrying a snow plow and handling the tough job of snow removal. If you'd like to learn more, we've collected a few frequently asked questions regarding snow plows and the Toyota Tacoma:

  • Q: What is the best size of plow for a Toyota Tacoma?
  • A: The simple rule of snow plows is you just need to find one that is wider than your track width. For your Tacoma that’s 63", so a 65” plow or wider would be a-okay, just keep in mind that an angled plow will need to be even longer. As it happens, every plow we stock is at least 80" wide, so you're made in the shade.
  • Q: How does the plow install to a Tacoma?
  • A: That just depends on which kind of plow you get. Most commonly, a plow includes a front mounting hitch – allowing you to easily remove and reattach your plow. Other plows come with customized brackets that attach to the factory holes on your frame.
  • Q: What kind of performance can I expect from a Tacoma with a plow?
  • A: It’s like it was built for it. The Tacoma was designed to get going when the going gets tough. With multi-terrain select and Hill Start Assist Control, this truck can handle just about anything you throw at it. Electronically controlled locking rear differential makes this the ideal truck for low-traction situations.

What are the Best Snow Plows for a Toyota Tacoma?

Your Toyota Tacoma is a mighty pickup truck which is perfect for when you want to accomplish mighty tasks. Not any vehicle can push snow. That takes serious horsepower, traction, and of course, a snow plow. And since we have years in the industry with a mountain of customer reviews to prove it, we'd like to offer you the Top 3 Toyota Tacoma Snow Plows:

  1. Best Snow Plows for Toyota Tacoma The SnowBear Snow Plow:With three widths available, you can set your Toyota Tacoma up with a blade that's as many as 88" across when you go with the SnowBear Snow Plow. The reinforced steel scraper of this plow will really translate your Tacoma's power into snow removal. And you can choose to add lights and casters if you wish.
  2. Best Snow Plows for Toyota Tacoma The Meyer Home Plow: The great thing about the Meyer Home Plow is the commercial-grade, non-electric, hydraulic system. This plow is designed for home use (after all, that's in the name) but the mechanics are closer to what you'd see on a commercial-grade plow. If you need to clear a small parking lot, this plow could be the ticket.
  3. Best Snow Plows for Toyota Tacoma The DK2 Avalanche Snow Plow: The DK2 Avalanche Snow Plow is about as tough as they come with a 3,000 lbs. winch control and powder-coated steel construction. But another benefit is the flip down casters that make moving this plow around the garage off-season as easy as can be.